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Thread: Need advice on suppressors

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Resistance View Post
    Get a .30 cal can and forget the K-cans.
    Can you elaborate? I have a 30 cal sandman S on the way. I was thinking a sandman K or Turbo K would be a perfect second can for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocaster View Post
    Please help. I've made the decision to buy my first suppressor, and have secured the needed funds. I am overwhelmed by all the options out there, and have been using the search function extensively. The primary use of the can will be to go on my home defense 12.5" carbine gas BCM upper, so that I don't blow my and the family's eardrums out if I ever touch it off indoors. An added bonus would be if I could occasionally switch it to a 16" ar308 from time to time.

    Cost is not really a huge factor, but if I can keep the cost of the can to $1k or less, that would be great. A bigger factor would be length and weight, since the 12.5" is my primary, but I frequently shoot a 6920 as well.

    I dont have the ability to shoot a bunch of cans to see which sounds best to me.

    Any particular reason to choose Surefire over Dead Air or Silencerco?

    Would I regret going with something like a Turbo K?

    Is it stupid to get a 30 cal can with my application? The 308 is purely for fun, the 5.56 guns are the ones I train with and take to classes.

    The more I think about it, the more confused I get. What's the 6920 or BCM equivalent in suppressors?
    I was in a similar position to you and started with the SilencerCo Omega which now goes by the Omega300 if I read things correctly.

    What I like is it is lightweight and EFFECTIVE. On my KAC SR-15 LPR is super quiet. I could direct mount it and take the muzzle brake front cap off and shorten it up a lot if I wanted.

    Since I use it on so many rifles, I keep the QD mount and for the big boomers the muzzle break.

    If I were to start all over today, I would probably go with Dead Air, maybe Rugged or Griffin. Today, I don't regret my choices but, honestly today there is a lot more GOOD competition to offer more choices than I had at the time of initial purchase though I did have some older heavy AAC cans from the "Kevin" days.

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    I also considered the same things as the "OP" and ended up going with the Nomad 30. I was also considering the Sandman but wanted the shorter and lighter Nomad 30 because I too was going to use it on multiple rifles. I don't think you could go wrong with the Sandman S, it's just a little longer and heavier but the Sandman looks to be indestructible.
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