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Thread: Any Lefties with bolt guns?

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    So this is my first "personal build". This is a Defiance Tactical in 300 WM, Bartlein barrel, Manners stock, Steiner M5Xi 5X25, Badger rings . This was my first bedding job and it did turn out pretty good, however it was alot of work. The stock was inletted for a REM LA action and a REM sendero/varmint barrel, however I did have to do quite of bit fitting in the barrel channel area, which was unexpected. I changed out the DBM from Seekins to Accurate last minute, which required more "fitting". It's not perfect but I sure did learn alot. Big kudos to the folks at Cerakote for helping me match the paint for the scope, it's pretty dam close Cheers

    So this after about 20rds, this is the last 3 after I zeroed the turrets, factory Norma 170gr.

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    I was in the same position just over a year ago, but the LH Begaras weren't available. I really wanted one of those John Hancock rifles but didn't want to wait so I bought the Tikka Tac A1 in 6.5.

    A month after I got the Tikka a ARC Nucleus with PVA 6.5 barreled action appeared on the Hide so I snatched it up.

    Now I have both. One is non two is one kinda deal I guess. The Nuke/PVA shoots under half MOA with ELD Match factory ammo. The Tikka is a little worse.

    The Tikka
    I had to 'mill' the chassis and grip to make the left hand conversion.

    The Nuke/PVA

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    Here is my only two Left Handed Rifles, top one Savage Axis 270 Win, below Savage Mark II 22LR.
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    Well, I'm not a competitive shooter, but I "built" a Savage lefty model 10. I installed a Shilen .260 barrel and put it in a HS Precision stock. It shoots way better than I can.
    Oddly enough my Tikka lefty in 6.5x55 is an absolute laser, even with the skinny barrel.

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