Hirtenberger of Austria, 100gr FL Police ammunition, 9mm, semi jacketed, truncated cone, exposed tip, +P+,
advertised 1,450fps w/ no pressure signs.
This ammunition was imported by Keisler Police Supply in Indiana for the FBI trials after the Miami debacle.
It was eventually rejected by the FBI because it over penetrated by their specifications.
It is extremely accurate from my HK USP Expert and exits @ 1,377fps, 1,354fps from my USP, 1,410fps from my
Glock 34. It shoots practically flat to 100 yds.
I will sell 500rd matching # lots for $500, shipped and insured w/tracking in CONUS.
It is not recommended firing this ammunition in anything but H&K and Glock pistols because the increased slide
velocity can accelerate wear.
PM for more pictures from a recently opened 2K case. You will never see this ammo sold again, as Hirtenberger is
now part of RUUAG of Switzerland and not manufactured in this configuration anymore.