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Thread: hydraulic buffer tubes for pump shotguns

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    hydraulic buffer tubes for pump shotguns

    Anyone have any experience with hydraulic buffer tubes on pump shotguns? Are they worth it?

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    Are you talking about tactical kits such as these:

    If so, the one that I have experience with is the Blackhawk Knoxx Stock:

    We had a couple on range training shotguns. I didn't like them because the shotgun felt 'different' plus, we taught push-pull and that tends to tame recoil quite a bit if you actually do it. Student officers didn't much like them either. After the first shotgun session during which they were more likely to pick a 'tacticool' shotgun out of the rack, the shotguns with these stocks pretty much remained in the rack during subsequent sessions.
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    I had one and found that it pinched my face and knocked on my hand. It didn't really have many advantages. I guess if you extend your stock all the way out, then it would be useful, but I run mine collapsed so it was a no-go.


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