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Thread: Best Precision Rifle for $1000~?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironman8 View Post
    Not to derail too much but what bullet did you use in the 6.5 to take the elk? I’m debating on what round I want to go with for mine.
    I used the Hornady 140gr ELDX on both (handloads). I was a little nervous on how it would perform, but it performed great on both kills, with good penetration and expansion. Neither cow went more than 60 yards. I definitely prefer a 7 Rem Mag for elk, but the 6.5 Creedmoor will get the job done as long as you keep the foot pounds of energy at 1,000 or more (which equates to around 800 yards or in, depending on your velocity). And it goes without saying, shot placement is most important.

    Now, Hornady has the Precision Hunter factory load with the 143gr ELDX, and that would probably be my choice for a factory hunting round.
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    I would use a 6.5CM on Deer, but yes I'd opt for the big 30 on Elk. But cool you dropped a couple Elk with 6.5, nice.

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