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Class will take place at Double Tapp Range, just a few minutes east of Boise, ID. Course fee $125

9am to 5 pm

Round Count Approximately 500-600 rifle, 150-200 pistol. NO steel core.

-Course Description Below-

Positional shooting, emergency and tactical reloads, transitions to pistol (as a secondary weapon system), shooting on the move, fighting off the axis, barricades, and multiple target engagements will all be covered. In addition, strong and support side carbine work will be performed during the course. A significant amount of barricade work will be completed, which is critically important with regard to surviving two-way engagements. Diagnostic feedback will be provided to each shooter. Train to fight with your rifle, with a heavy emphasis on subconscious/intuitive weapon operation and real-time problem solving.

***Students must have a satisfactory/intermediate level of safe weapon handling skills. This is not a beginner level course.***

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