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Thread: FN FNC, anyone have one?

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    Did anyone see that one that Sig made. I saw an ad for Sigs version, opps which was 338 come to think of it. It looked like a bad boy though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by recon View Post
    Bought mine back in the 80's. Paid $525 for it back then. Wish I still had it. Great rifle.

    Same here...bought one in '82 for ~$500. Great shooter, 'shoulders like a FAL'(I had the fixed stock). BTW, you CAN lock the bolt back(you pull the bolt handle straight out after you pull the bolt all the way to rear). Runs great w/ HK & PMAG/MOEs. B&T(Swiss) makes are sweet rail to mount optics etc. The Swedish AK5 is a 'product improved' version(especially the handguards).
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