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Thread: 16” comparison: DD 16” mid-length with BCM A5 lower vs Knight’s SR-15 MOD 2...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zane1844 View Post
    KAC with A5 is amazing. I have a Mod1 suppressed with a Surefire and it's the softest shooting AR I've had.
    I’ve been running an A5 on my Mod 2 for quite a while now. It’s smoother for sure

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    My SR15 with QDC wouldn't lock back on Colt 20 round mags. I found out that Colt springs in their 20 rounders are kind of weak. Worked fine with Magpul Gen3. I put an A5 in mine as I do in every gun. There is just nothing like the A5 IMO. Love my SR15 with QDC. Kinda barky but such is life. Without the CAN, the MAMS is a work of art.

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