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Thread: Has someone tried a massage gun?

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    Has someone tried a massage gun?

    I’ve seen many massage guns lately like Theragun, Hyperbolt on the market. I would like to get one but I don’t know which one is the right one
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    We bought the least expensive Theragun and have been very happy with it. I learned of it from my boys who learned of it from the sports trainer at their high school. We use it for muscle awakening/activation before workouts/sporting events and as a recovery/massage tool for sore/tight spots.
    Bought the Theragun based on the handle design vs Hypervolt. I liked the ergonomics of being able to hold it anywhere within the triangle to get to the spot you need. While it is louder than I would prefer I have no regrets on the decision.

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    They are awesome and your body will love you. My chiro uses one on me to loosen up the tough spots so I bought the Hypervolt that he recommended. Not a day I don't see my son using for post training.


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