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Thread: Shoot out in DC

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    Shoot out in DC

    Exercising their 2A rights

    Obviously, this gunfight was started by Squirrels. If you watch the guy in the white shirt and white hat with the pistol at time seconds 38 - 44 you can clearly see he is shooting up in the air. The only reason he would shoot that way is if the target was either 2 miles away or it was in a tree. Given the number of buildings, it is unlikely that he could see a target two miles away, which leads me to the conclusion he was shooting at squirrels. Squirrels with guns can be extremely dangerous as they are very protective of their nuts.

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    We get a lot of shootings in my area where no one is hit. I have a theory that a lot of these guys don’t actually want to hit anyone. They just want the street cred. So they’ll squeeze off a few rounds and the neighborhood will know how tuff they are.

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    I found 2 things interesting at about 44 seconds, one of them goes to a long gun. (doesn't use it properly)

    Then when the police arrive they end up talking to people where 2 of the shooters went. It seems like a nice neighborhood, too bad they have to live like this.


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