My recipe for my Glock Gen 4 triggers (yes, Iíve vetted this over thousands of rounds with my ammo and yes, Iím confident in carrying this setup; since tolerances are fairly loose it needs to be thoroughly vetted in every individual gun):

Overwatch Precision PolyDAT
Overwatch Precision NP3 minus connector
Lighter safety plunger spring (will reduce the almost 3 stage feel of a stock Glock trigger)
Polished safety plunger
Polished striker lug
4.5 pound striker spring

Iíll likely move to OPís NP3 coated plungers and strikers as well; NP3ís natural lubricity is the real deal.

I have zero light strikes with this setup, a great trigger feel, and can verify all safeties remain functional in my guns. I DONíT recommend the heavy/ďcompetitionĒ trigger spring; reset and trigger safety engagement arenít confidence inspiring with that setup, IME.

Also, all guns should have dots; Dawson adjustable sights if policy prohibits a dot.