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Thread: Magaine ID markings, revisited

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    Magaine ID markings, revisited

    I did a search on this, and found an endless range of posts on the Materiel side of magazine ID's, but not so much the Software side--color codes, ID's etc.

    Question is, what all "special codes" do you guys use to indicate loads, roles etc.? I know any dedicated as malfunction trainers usually require a color marking, and thought I'd see what colors you guys use for what meanings. (Some favor red for trainers; I was leaning more toward a light blue like the military uses on practice ordnance saving red for "war shots," and I know Orange is usually for "less lethal.")

    Right now, here's the roadmap I'm thinking of for my own codes; would appreciate any refinement suggestions. Bear in mind, I'm operating several different groups for specific apps...

    Dedicated for my M4, all MAG556-MCT
    Main Mags: M4 1-14, green band at bottom
    Training Mags: M4 T1-T7, blue band above green band
    All: My initials on bottom of baseplate

    Dedicated for our C8, all D&H/USGI 30-round
    Main Mags: C8 1-14, colored band at bottom (waiting for GF to pick color, since these are for "her" gun)
    Training Mags: C8 T1-T7, blue band above colored band
    All: My initials and hers on bottom of baseplate

    General Purpose inventory, all black no-window Gen M3 PMags
    Numbering system: First two digits are capacity, second two individual ID--examples, 1021 = ten-round in active use, 30T3 = 30-round training-only
    Blue band on bottom body: Training use only
    Red base: Loaded with Mk 262--does Magpul sell spare baseplates?
    Green base: Loaded with M855
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    I number each mag with a paint marker. If the mag is the possible culprit of a failure, I separate it from the batch. If I determine the mag is bad, and isn't fixable (cracked PMag, bent feed lips, etc) I destroy it. I do not keep bad mags around for malfunction practice.


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