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Thread: BCM 14.5 build

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    BCM 14.5 build

    My journey to where I landed sucked. Tried out many ARs which were failures before I landed my current build. Started off with a sig m400 which I actually liked but wasnít modular at all. It had the old school handguard and all. Next went to DRD tactical AR with side charging handle. That gun was the worst. Would not cycle anything, jammed constantly and holy mother of god that gas blowback. Next was the Barrett AR piston. That gun was just dangerous. Dangerous as in the gas didnít vent and the barrel would reach temperatures of over 400 degrees in under 30 rounds. Sent back but piston plug still wouldnít work.

    Finally I went BCM 14.5 and Iím finally loving life again. Here is my build below let me know what you all think.

    -14.5 ELW barrel with pinned surefire warcomp
    -bcm lower
    -bcm MK2 upper with 13in BCM mcmr rail
    -hogue aluminum pistol grip
    -MFT aluminum stock
    - Geissele charging handle
    - Odin works extended magazine release
    -Troy weak side Ambi magazine release
    -radian 45deg Ambi safety
    -geissele Ssa trigger
    - bootleg adjustable BCG full auto version
    - Troy enhances trigger guard
    - phase5 bad lever
    - RailScales panels and anchor foregrip
    - magpul pro mbui with blitzgreig tritium front post
    - surefire mini2 suppressor
    - trijicon Accupoint 1-6 triangle with scalarworks qd mount
    - slingster with QD mounts
    - streamlight protac (Mounted at 45) with cloud defensive pressure pad
    -currently using surefeed e2 magazines too
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    Seems like a nice setup, show us some pictures
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    Sounds like a nice build. You definitely can't go wrong with BCM.

    I'm just not crazy about the aluminum grip and stock. It's bad enough having to deal with the rest of the aluminum on the rifle without the grip and stock trying to burn you too. Those get HOT in the sun.

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    Need pics OP

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