On July 18th S&T Firearms Training and Consulting will be holding a Carbine II class at the Steel City Range in Bethlehem PA.

This class is designed for the individual who has a good understanding of safe gun handling and is not a class for the neophyte. Carbine II is made up primarily of drills that will test your ability to run your gun at a subconscious level and give you an accurate indication of your gun handling skills.

Topics covered will include:
Safety Brief
Fundamentals of Marksmanship/Zero
Gear selection
Moving and shooting
Use of cover
Multiple target engagement

Equipment required will include:
Carbine and at least 3 spare magazines
Handgun, holster and mag pouch for both carbine and pistol mags
400 rounds of carbine ammunition (no steel core ammo please) and 50 rounds of pistol ammo.
Eye and ear protection
Clothing for the prevailing weather conditions
Water and lunch/snacks

Cost is $175.00. For more information contact joe@sightsandtrigger.com