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Thread: Not able to scroll page with search results?

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    Not able to scroll page with search results?

    Maybe it's just me but when I do a search, get the list of results, and then click on the link I want to view, the screen comes up a bit narrower and I'm only able to view the first few posts of the thread. The scroll down arrow is not there and using a mouse or touchpad doesn't allow further scrolling either.
    Would be curious if it's just me or not...

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    Nope that has been happening to me too.
    It is from the construction of underground FEMA camps. I can't say more because there a guy parked in front of house in an AMC Pacer. He is acting like he talking on the phone, but I know better.

    I have to sign off now & put my laptop in the microwave.
    - cqbdriver

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    Me too.


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