To the extent that it might delay what is seemingly inevitable in Arizona-a complete Californication-it would be nice to send a message that we will fight for our state. I would suggest Daniel McCarthy instead of Martha McSally for one, but either way, we MUST stop Kelly from becoming a Senator. Please tell your friends if you can. That smug asshole needs to be embarrassed at the polls and if I have to hold my nose and vote for McS to do it I will, even though she doesn't seem to want to win.

Besides that there are many races where your vote could make a difference. Anyway, the socialists cheated in 2018 and they will cheat harder in 2020 especially in Maricopa County. Please make sure you're registered, and vote, for your Constitution, while you still can. Please take the time to do so.

Lack of engagement got us Ducey and Sinema; Kelly, and all the state senators/legislators that would come along with him, would be catastrophic and there are few places to run to anymore.

Please and thank you