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Thread: Do you have a favorite soft-shell jacket?

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    I dont mean to beat a dead horse on Arc'teryx but as I think it has been expressed in this thread, there are not better choices. As of Feb 2021 there stuff is still the best. Not in all areas or you may need features that they are not offering. But as a general rule their stuff is pretty stellar. Do you own any Arc'teryx?

    Also what data do you have that they hate you? I know there are a lot of outdoor companies that you could make a generalized statement like that but not Arc'teryx. They go to SHOT SHOW every year and it does not seem like they hate anyone.
    I do have some arc’teryx, but I’m not climbing Everest and there are a few other companies that make good gear.

    My point was, and not necessarily directed at arc’teryx, is a lot of people complain about the politics/ownership of a company but then make excuses for why they continue to support them with their money.
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