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You can still find the AK out there if you feel like hunting around. You will pay a premium though. I bought a WASR-10 years ago, front sight canted and all for way too much. Shoots fine and is accurate enough. I have 2 Polish AKs with no dak spud receivers, I got them from a dude over on the AK forum. I also have an old Norinco NHM-91 that was a post ban rifle. It’s in pieces as I am trying to get better wood furniture for it. No idea what the Arsenal AKs are going for now, if you can find one. Good luck!
I'm not in a hurry, but it's something I've kind of wanted for a number of years. Had an SKS that I let go in a trade, now just have AR uppers in x39.

Being a retired Marine, the AK47 has always been the enemy's rifle. But now I want an example of one to shoot and enjoy. I don't need a soviet block weapon, I would be happy with a PSA.