Selling an Eotech , the model and SN on the side are pretty faded but I think it says 211 PEQ. It has NVG button and integrated ARMS mount. Iíve had it for years and had bought it second hand. It has essentially lived on a rarely used rifle in my safe. Save some scuffing on the housing the body and glass is on good condition

The bad: The reticle dims out when viewed on the right side of the glass, itís visible and reasonably bright at highest settings but washes out almost completely in bright daylight conditions. When viewed down the center itís fine and on the right I feel like its appropriately bright actually suffering from that typical holographic ďbloomĒ. It hasnít gotten any worse since Ive had it but doesnít seem to be working correctly due to the discrepancy. I contacted L3 but didnít get a reply. Anyway, I thought Iíd put it up for someone who may be fine with this or be willing to pester L3 for a possible repair.

Looking for $225 shipped

Feel free to text or email for more pictures