I bought this Kimber Classic Custom In 1997. Series 70 and quite accurate.
In 2009 I sent it to Mars Armament for a custom workover. Here's what they did.
Reliability Package, parts included MARS Heavy Duty Spring Kit, MARS
Oversized Firing Pin Stop, Recoil Spring Guide, MARS HD Extractor, fit
new MARS Heavy Duty Slide Stop, & MARS Plunger Tube
Mild dehorn of sharp edges
MARS Hard use lockwork kit - includes Koenig hammer, MARS sear, sear
spring, disconnector, titanium strut and trigger job
Furnish & install MARS Solid Aluminum Trigger
MARS 11-piece pin set 16.50 16.50T
MARS GEN-1 Mainspring Housing, checkered 75.00 75.00T
Furnish and install ejector
Furnish and install 1911 safety - medium width
MARS Heavy Duty Slide Stop
Furnish and install Dawson rail (drill, tap and bond)
Cerakote complete pistol - black
Walker Custom In-the Waistband Holster
Walker Custom High-ride holster
MARS G-10 composite golfball grips

Unfortunatly, I have gotten arthritis in my shooting hand and I need the money. Time to reduce the collection.
This gun is also listed on gunbroker.
I'm asking $1900
I can take credit cards.