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Thread: 7.62 Subsonic ammo

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    Appreciate the feedback. I put it in NFA because Iíll be shooting subsonic suppressed. I suppose I never considered subsonic without my recently purchased can. Iíve got 3 boxes left of corbon 185 subsonic and also ordered 200 200 grainers and 100 260ís to try out. Iíve also got lots of once fired black hills brass. One I figure out what I like Iíll roll my own
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    For .308, I like 168s due to my barrels twist. It's good to 200 yards with 8 mils come up. Haven't really pushed it past that.

    I tried 180s, but they were too long to fly straight. A nice 10 twist would really open up some heavier options for me, but my barrel is still too good to change out.
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    When I had my 10 twist Rem 700 I was loading 180g round nose soft points. I dont remember WHY, but I remember them being recommended for subs... They were pretty accurate if I remember correctly(as accurate as that piece of shit gun could be I guess LOL).

    I believe these:

    But I dont remember them being 43 bucks a box... I also dont remember them being marketed as "pro hunter"...

    I was loading trail boss...

    Shit if I was loading 308 subs today with a 10 twist gun I would probably just roll some 150g FMJ "cheapies"... JBM says they are stable out of a 10 twist gun...

    I still have a small cache of 208 amax for my 300blk AR and the only 308 gun I currently own is a LMT MWS so no subs through it...

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