S&T Firearms Training and Consulting LLC will be holding a AK Platform class on September 12th at the Steel City range in Bethlehem PA. This class will cover the safe and efficient use of the AK series of rifles, arguably the most common type of center-fire rifle in the world. We will cover the pros and cons of the platform and may even manage to shatter a few "known facts" about the platform. We will also discuss some modifications that can make the platform even more viable.

Topics cover will include;
-Safety brief
-Brief review of fundamentals
-AK specific gun handling techniques
-Reloading with specific emphasis on various reloading methods for the AK/Malfunction clearance/Transitions
-Use of cover
-Shooting on the move
-Pivots and turns
-Multiple target engagements

Cost is $175.00. Equipment required is a carbine with sling, at least three magazines, a method to carry spare mags, 350-400 rounds of carbine ammo, pistol and holster, 50 rounds of pistol ammo, eye and ear protection, and anything else you feel you may require (hat, knee pads etc). Start time is 0900 and we will be done by 1700.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions please contact me at joe@sightsandtrigger.com. Hope to see you there!