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Thread: Deer load recommendations

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    Quote Originally Posted by grizzman View Post
    I presume you're referring to factory ammo.

    I did a Google search for 22-250 deer ammo, and found that Federal loads the 60 grain Partition.

    Winchester's offering with the 64 grain Power-Point should also be considered.

    I'm willing to bet that an ammo manufacturer uses a 60+ grain TSX (or a cousin of it) also.

    What's your barrel's twist rate? A 50 grain TSX, or 60+ grain traditional bullet may be too long to fully stabilize. Mine's twist is something ridiculous like 1:14.
    I've killed a shit ton of feral hogs- generally considered tougher than deer, with the Winchester Power Point load. It's my go to, bought a case of it probably 5-6 years ago.....
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    Haven't shot a deer with either yet, but Hornady 55gr SP(not 55gr SP SX) and their 60gr SP get good reviews.

    The SP SX is a traditional thin jacket varmint bullet, but the 55/60gr SP(while listed by Hornady as varmint bullets) are not. From everything I have read the 60gr SP is the bullet used in the Hornady American Whitetail .223 Rem 60gr load they sell through Academy and a co-worker has killed several deer with those the last few years.
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    Any standard soft point. Remington core lokt, Winchester power point, Federal power shock. If you want heavy for caliber, Winchester makes a 64gr power point. Stay away from varmint bullets for deer, they are designed to fragment and may not penetrate to damage enough of the vital organs for quick kills.

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    Lucky you can find 22-250 ammo on the shelves. Any hunting 55grain ammo the gun shoots well should do. If it shoots the Partition well, then that’s a solid bullet.

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