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Thread: 22LR AR15 buying advice needed

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    Yeah...if you watch the Bore Buddy video on the buffer weight page, there is quite a bit of bolt bounce with the plastic buffer.

    Although I also run the Taccom buffer spring. It ran fine with the original, but I just wanted to get everything fresh. I plan to change to the Taccom stainless extractor as the only malf that I had during one stage was an FTE. It took me two tries to get it extracted. The hammer hits so hard that if it FTE's and gets hit a second and then a third time, that brass has some deformity.

    This is an old Super X brass hit 4 times. (I used it to dry fire test the trigger). You can see how hard it hits...and it isn't even the green heavy springs -using the medium because due to tolerances, the green ones slightly rub the lower and won't work reliably unless I polish out the lower where it rubs. This also will bring the trigger weight down too. It is light enough as it is though.

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    Kind of a follow-up. I was having occasional doubles both when using a Bore Buddy bolt weight and after firing the first round from a loaded magazine without the weight. The hammer was obviously not being re-cocked and hammer follow was firing the next round. Gun is built on a RTB (CMMG) barrel and BCG and using Black Dog and RTB "CMMG pattern" magazines. Standard "mil-spec" trigger and hammer.

    I also had repeated breakages of firing pin return springs, which RTB and CMMG assure me is not normal.

    I replaced the hammer/trigger with a Brownells polished/plated unit with JP reduced power hammer and trigger springs, installed a new firing pin spring, and cleaned the BCG. I used less lube than normal.

    I took my .22 AR to the range yesterday and fired a few hundred rounds with the bolt weight in place. No doubles, no misfires, no problems.

    The gun stays noticeably cleaner with the bolt weight and the combination of polished hammer/trigger and reduced power springs results in a nice trigger pull.

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