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Andy', that may well be the case, tho' "If short is kewl, really short is really kewl.
Now if a surpressor is really the objective, then a shorter barrel would keep the overall length down, so there is that.
CZ makes a Scorpion with an 8" barrel and an integral/telescoped supressor, so the package stayed short.
With Rimfire in particular if you are running a 5" or shorter barrel- "standard velocity" or Bulk Pack ammunition- the most common loads by far, will remain subsonic. It's a better solution to me than having to hunt around for sub sonic ammo which is--- 1. Produced by fewer manufacturers 2. Produced in smaller quantities 3. More expensive 4. Difficult to find when there is a Panic on----

So yea, I tend to run very short barrels on anything in .22 lr that I intend to suppress.