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Why does that matter? Seems logical that they would go after the one that has gotten the biggest market share first. Not the mention that your argument sounds similar to if the police don’t arrest all murders they shouldn’t arrest any at all. If someone made an optic that violated the patent but only sold 1 unit would it make business sense to seek damages? Lastly, are there any other open emitter red dot sights that have the buttons on the side of the lens housing in violation of the patent or did other companies keep the buttons on the base of the housing below the lens? (Like the Sig, Vortex, swampfox, Burris, etc.) I don’t think I have seen any others that have violated the patent.
Boy, you got a lot from that one statement.

I get it, we are all super emotionally involved with our purchases and the fact that Trijicon is American made and has Jesus verses on their optics. By the way, in case you weren't aware all my night sights are Trijicon I won't buy any other MFG's night sights. I currently have, and have owned a few RMR's and want to get an SRO at some point. I'm not anti-trijicon in the slightest, but I 100% think they are hypocrites and failing to innovate in the market they CREATED.

I'm now done drifting this thread away from it's intended topic. You can blame me for it going that way.