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Thread: Tactical Pistol Course (2 DAYS), Culpeper, VA

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    Tactical Pistol Course (2 DAYS), Culpeper, VA

    Additional information & registration info:

    We can assist those who sign up for the course to obtain ammo at current prices.

    Tactical Pistol I Course (2 DAYS)

    Prerequisite: You must have previous training that includes drawing from the holster, competition experience (IDPA, USPSA) or the ability to draw from the holster and consistently hit 8.5x11 piece of paper at 7 yards. At a minimum our Defensive Pistol I Clinic (4.5hrs) is acceptable but it would be ideal to have an 8-hour course (from ANY other reputable training company/instructor OR our Defensive Pistol I Class)

    Our classes are NOT a prerequisite but training from a reputable company/instructor or competition experience is required.

    Description: This course is based off of instruction given to US Government and Special Operations Persons. Ever wonder how Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations train their people in the basics so quickly? “Advanced” Skill is simply mastering the Basics. This course covers the basics of Advanced Fundamentals & skills and has a high round count. The course begins with the fundamentals of marksmanship, equipment selection, safety, reloads and malfunctions. From there, the course progresses into use of cover, increasing proficiency at close ranges, tactical engagement of targets, and one-handed shooting. Additional subjects covered will include; turns, shooting on the move, shooting from awkward positions, distance shooting, increasing proficiency at close ranges, tactical engagement of targets and timed stress events. Students will also learn self-diagnostic skills to continue development of their own personal performance.

    Stone Quarry Range
    Culpeper, VA

    Link-up Point
    E.V. Baker's Store
    4066 Zachary Taylor Highway
    Culpeper, VA 22701

    Link-up occurs and convoy departs 20 minutes prior to class start.

    Saturday and Sunday September 19 & 20, 2020
    From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    Cost $480 (Range Fees included)

    Topics Covered
    Gear Setup
    Dry Fire
    Mind Set
    Shooting positions
    Magazine Changes/Reloads
    Combat Marksmanship
    Critical Task Evaluation
    Qualification Course of Fire
    Multiple targets
    Turning and shooting
    Timed Drills & Standards
    Target acquisition & discrimination
    One-handed shooting (Strong and Support side)

    Equipment Needed (minimum)
    Serviceable semi-automatic pistol of 9mm or larger caliber
    Serpa holsters or similar holsters that use the trigger finger to deactivate a retention device are NOT allowed
    1000 round of ammunition (minimum). No Steel Core
    Quality belt with Strong-side or Appendix holster & Magazine pouch
    3-5 magazines of 10 round capacity (minimum).
    Knee pads (optional, but recommended)
    Clear eye protection, hearing protection (electronic recommended), and baseball cap.
    Food, water, snacks and appropriate clothing.
    Optional: Smart phone or Smart Pad/Tablet capable of recording video.

    Lunch is NOT included. Please bring your own.

    It's highly recommended to bring a chair.

    This is an outdoor range, so the only restrooms are Port-A-Johns.

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    The following instructors will be teaching this class:

    Chris A. Special Forces (Green Beret) and Ranger Qualified
    Josh S. USPSA Grand Master in Carry Optics
    Fred M. Full-time Law Enforcement and full-time LE firearms instructor
    Lucas D. Full-time civilian and competitive Power Lifter who can crush things (he's our secret weapon).

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    Thanks for the useful links.


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