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Thread: Sling for a practical bolt gun

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    1.25” grovtec seem to be out of stock all over other than nickel plated

    Found some and bought em and the sling.
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    I agree with Rmorris, definitely checkout the Turner saddlery GP biothane...It should work perfectly on your bolt action sniper rifle
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    Quote Originally Posted by maximus83 View Post
    Looking for a sling for my 6.5 CM Tikka bolt gun. It's configured to be a lighter carrying rifle, 20" barrel, 2-12x Leupy scope, weighs 7.7 lbs scoped and loaded.

    Looking for the sling to be a fairly light and simple 2-pointer to attach with swivels, preferably a man-made material rather than leather. It will be used for two things:
    1. Carry
    2. Accuracy aid

    Challenge is I don't have much experience with item (2), in a hunting rifle (always used bipods, blinds, or offhand). So I don't know what I don't know...

    From a little research on using slings this way with "practical", "field", or hunting rifles, I see a few slings that MIGHT be what I'm looking for.

    1. Wilderness Rhodesian sling
    2. T.I.S. Slip Cuff Precision sling
    3. VTAC hybrid padded sling. Ok I'll admit this isn't traditionally a bolt gun sling, but I threw this in there because (1) It looks like it would work for the way I want to use it, (2) I already have one and know I like using these with my AR's, though I've never used them with the AR's for anything other than carry.

    Would be interested to hear feedback on these slings, or any I've missed that are worth looking at. Also, if anybody knows of some good tutorials on practical sling use (for accuracy) with hunting rifles, please share linkage.
    I keep waiting for Randy Cain's Practical Rifle class to end up on in the southeast as I've heard it's fantastic and the use of slings is extensive. I've never bought a sling for anything but my 10/22 as I learned how to use one in multiple Appleseed Shoots, Subscribing for when class comes around.

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    For my hunting rifles I have modified my Vickers padded slings by taking off the slider. They work great for me. I have them on 3 of my rifles
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