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Thread: What Do You Guys Think of 22 Magnum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bullseye View Post
    I am shopping for a hand gun. With the ammo shortage as it is maybe the thing to do is reverse engineer the gun starting with ammo and ammo availability. There are lots of videos and ads out there for cool looking plastic handguns using 22 magnum. What is the deal on 22 magnum for self defense purposes? Does it have enough stopping power. As a complete novice to hand guns I was told I need at least 38 caliber in a self-defense weapon but these 22 magnum rounds at least LOOK impressive. What is the real deal?
    A poor choice but better than throwing rocks. Far as I know, FMJ would be best bet and personally, I'd only consider a wheel gun as reliability of .22 mag semi auto pistols is fail. If that's one has access to, then it is what it is, but would be a hard pass as a choice if a choice exists.
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    Where are you finding 22 magnum ammo? My PMR-30 is a jammomatic.
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    Look at the price difference between 22Magnum and 9mm. You wouldn't be saving much at all and you'd be greatly limiting your pistol purchase options.

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