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Thread: Anyone RV'ing?

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    Sorry about not getting back on this work n other stuff. That's part of reason I finally bought a small spot of land, I lucked out on it having a septic system already just needing serviced. Now I'm wanting to build a shop or building on the land too, I'm getting to old to lay on ground in rain working on vehicles. I've been pushing off on doing much, waiting to see what happens especially with this year's crap. I might look for another few acres of land in another state or two to buy as a "vacation camping sites" after being "full time" in a RV for 10 years. You do want a place to have more storage and secure storage not just a storage unit after some time. Short term problems a RV can work but major or long term not a good choice, you (and family) need to be in group to survive the latter ones. A few Ret. RVing friends of mine have bought 50 + acres started a small farm and building relationships with the community their in.
    I need to start working on acquiring land...not entirely sure where I want to be although "want" wont be as big a concern as location.

    I'm single and self employed and have moved too much. Those close to me have little interest in prepping, which is fine. I've gained ground on encouraging RV'ing during Covid as they are getting bored at home! I think RV'ing encourages prepping so a step in the right direction.

    But being solo is risky. I can easily weather short term events and with some luck a little longer. Being nomadic it's difficult to find community to build with. I've only been at this for a year over a 2 year span so still working out the kinks in my own rig and approach.

    On the bright side my rig is new and in great shape! (2019 Airstream and 2019 Tundra). Though 60 years old I'm experiencing no health issues a few ibuprofen doesn't solve. Very mechanically inclined and have a lot of building skills in my resume so I'm set up well. I think I need to solve the above issues sooner than later though.....

    I feel MUCH more confident in my chances having an RV!


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    I like camping and I'm going to buy an RV next month. I've already addressed mhsrv via this source and found out the details (I chose this company as it is well-known and one of the biggest RV and motorhome dealers). I hope to go on a trip this summer. My wife and kids are also excited.
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