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Thread: Replacing a Dillon Trimmer with a Giraud

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    Replacing a Dillon Trimmer with a Giraud

    Has anyone here replaced a Dillon trimmer with a Giraud? What didn't you like about the Dillon? Did the Giraud make up for the Dillon's faults? Any regrets about making the change? Would you do it again?
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    I have both and use my Dillon trimmer more. I like the RT1500 with a 1050 to crank out processed brass quickly. I tend to use the Giraud for smaller batches where I don't mind handling each piece of brass. There's no way I would give up the Dillon Trimmer for a Giraud simply based on pure volume of brass that I can process. If you're reloading precision ammo then the Giraud might be a better choice.

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    Not much out there can beat an RT1500 on a well adjusted size/trim die. Especially on a progressive press with a case feeder, and enough tool head space to do all the steps for prepped brass.

    If a guy is doing small batches just use a manual case trimming lathe and prep tools. If you need to do volume RT1500 is the answer.

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    I prefer the Giraud because it champers and you can trim after removing case lube.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coal Dragger View Post
    If you need to do volume RT1500 is the answer.
    I've never tried the Dillon system. But with my wet tumblers doing about 125-150 pieces at a crack, I just trim in those batch sized with the giraud.

    The thing I like about that process (as well a mack's point about post lube removed trimming), is that you can also sort by head stamp (if you wish to) when trimming.

    I don't like to sort, but some brass flavors are simply different in weight. I just set up 2 or 3 trays and split off the brass after trimming. I then use the less desireable brass for blaster type ammo.
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