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Thread: The Great Plate Debate

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    Quote Originally Posted by omegajb View Post
    I've heard that hard armor can be tricky with women because of their chest which could make fitment problematic.

    You could always get a carrier and level IIIa soft armor which might fit better.

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    My wife really didn't have issues with the LAPG plates, but yes there is a bit of "a front side coverage" but it does protect most vitals and I didn't see much out there in plates for women.

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    Any reccomendation on the soft body armor? After a quick search, only coming up with a couple options, most of which, never heard of the company.
    I wondered the same about plates, fitment issues as a result of "anatomical differences," lol. My wife loves shooting, but couldn't hurt a fly. I just want something for a HD situation, just in case, and the soft armor sounds like a better fit for that role. Thanks again for the advice.
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