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Thread: Tikka T3X TAC A1 20 .308

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    Range Report APA Little Bastard Brake

    This was a quick range day due to being turkey day and all. Before I left, I cleaned the barrel with CLP, brush, and patches. Nothing fancy, same as I would do with any other rifle.

    I got eighty rounds down range today. 20 rounds, 150 Grain .308 Win American Eagle just for fouling and to get the comp ports setup. 50 rounds, Lapua 175 Grain Scenar L OTM, 10 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 168 Grain .308 Win.

    My rifle does not like any type of Gold Dot or Fusion bullet. Im done with them and wont be wasting anymore time or money with them.

    The target looks like its hella shot up but it really isnt. The last 5 round group my 8 y/o was shooting, he held the center as POA but you can see how bad the POI is, this is with the Speer ammo.

    Center target, 10 rounds Scenar; I was adjusting the turrets while shooting hence the reason the group isnt that great. #9 on right; 5 round group of Scenar, #9 bottom; 5 round group of Scenar, #9 left; 10 round group Scenar. 5 round group just to right of bull is the Speer. And the bottom left group is 5 rounds of the Speer.

    Recoil is pretty much non existent with this brake. However, the other shooters will hate you. I had many comments about the brakes concussion. The comp ports are interesting and Im still working them out right now. Hopefully Friday is another range day.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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