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Thread: Easy Sub 2000 mod

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    Easy Sub 2000 mod

    The gun ships with a tiny peep hole in the rear sight. It's a slip fit on a 3/32 " drill bit. When the Jackboys approach, you need fast sight acquisition, not a bench rest peep sight.

    I opened it up very carefully with a 7/64 bit, then a 1/8. That's where I stopped. It's much more useable now, about like the large aperture on AR sights.

    I used a small cordless drill at low speed. Worked fine.

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    I will have to try that with mine. I looked for after market sights, but was not planning on spending any more money on that rifle.

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    Good idea on the peep sight, as that stock is low & tough to get your head down on!

    Check out the Midwest Industries swiveling reddot sight mount; it is de bomb!
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