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Thread: New Wilson Mag. 4th Rnd Won't Feed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post
    He's been offered the same advices at another forum. Supposedly he received recommendations from Wilson on how to break in his new magazines.

    So what? Is there a rule about posting in multiple forums?

    Anyways...The "other" forum proved to be nothing more than blind fan boys that even though I explained one mag was hanging up pretty bad on hand unloading it HAS to be my Colt or operator error etc... in no way shape or form could it be the hallowed Wilson mags!

    The advice from Wilson wasn't about breaking them in so if you're gonna be a little narc get your facts straight! Wilson agreed they are behaving odd but since on the road let the spring set for a couple weeks. They said send them right back but read my post above and it will explain why this is a hassle for me... so let them sit...

    The followers have a pretty severe tilt and a stiff spring should keep them more aligned but is not so these are just POS mags....both of them have the same issues.

    Seems many of them are perfectly comfortable with spending $100 on a pair of mags and having to send them back. OR having to set the springs for a couple weeks even though I'm pretty sure it's the crappy followers that are tilting and jamming...

    BTW I noted that the deepest round in the mag tilts a good 3/32". Wilson guys says this is "normal" and maybe it is but none of my other mags have a tilt. More disturbing because Wilson touts them as being non tilting....

    Two out of two new mags having jamming issue is not something the "best" mags should exhibit IMO. The idea they hang up hand unloading is what concerns me as a stiff spring should be keeping the rounds aligned.

    Anyways... I'll let you know hot it progresses but enough for now.

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    So what? so it appears you were not happy with the suggestions and recommendations from other members at the other forum and here. Neither are you satisfied with Wilson's recommendations. You are bent on slamming the manufacturer. You are not going to get anything different here either. I won't repeat all of the suggestions, you can read, I hope as good as you can whine. We're done here.

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