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Rona infection will spread, mask mandates, lockdowns, etc- zit will spread and infection rates will rise Until herd immunity is achieved.

The vaccines are being hyped because it’s all there is keeping people in line and hopeful while simultaneously keeping the fear alive and well, but will they actually achieve anything substantial in the wild? Likely, they won’t, not for some time, like 5-10 years.

Let this runs its course, achieve herd immunity, hospitals will be pushed to the limit and then things will balance out. Like they always do.
Part of this is right, part of it it is wrong. Herd immunity + vaccination will produce the most likely best results. Vaccines are hyped because they will likely save lives, now, this year. That's the way vaccines work. What we won't know for a few years is aggregate data on side effects, untoward effects, optimal dosing, etc. But I suspect that data will fall in line with that of the flu vaccine. Personally (I say 'personally' because no one where I work cares what I think about it) given the most vulnerable population it should be targeted to the same population who get the pneumovax and shingles vax. While some hospitals would otherwise be pushed to the limit, others will be overwhelmed, and patients in those hospitals (COVID and non-COVID) will bear the brunt of that.