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With most service industry stuff it is no longer "in person" and that means more outsourcing and fewer employees working longer hours.

Anything food service has been pretty devastated. Anything fast food limited to drive through only means 2/3s of the employees have been let go. Anyone who waited tables probably hasn't worked in the last 6 months.

And everything else, limited hours are the norm. Did your walmart used to be 24 hour? Now they probably close at 10pm or sooner. Anything that used to be open until 9 or 10pm now closes at 6pm.

Suffice to say everyone who ran out and bought a big screen tv with their "covid" check is now probably regretting it unless they are one of those rare "essential workers" in one of the few industries not directly effected.

More people probably lost their jobs in 2020 and we may very likely hit an unemployment rate of 9.9 or higher as we saw in 2009 following the housing market crash. And I don't think another stimulus check is going to be anything more than a band aid on a gushing wound. Maybe that's why the Republicans didn't seem to try very hard to win the election.

Also concerned this could be a "new normal" for the next year or even two. And we thought 9-11 changed things in a big way.
As long as we ALLOW this crap.

It should be obvious to all (including those who are quick to scream “tin foil”) the mass ****ery. Undoubtedly, many (most?) won’t.

In that case, “enjoy” your new norm.

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