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Thread: Colt O1070CQB Vs. Springer TRP

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    Quote Originally Posted by monadh View Post
    The model Colt you posted is from Colt's Custom Shop. The TRP is a production pistol. Not a comparison of equals.

    I have had 9 Springfields and have kept 3 - 2 Mil Specs and one very limited edition Springfield Combat Operator. It came out of SACS and has tool steel innards. All 3 are great shooters, with one of them having had some work done by John Hammond. The single most accurate 1911 I have ever owned was a TRP Operator.

    I have had a lot of Colts, and I would disagree that they are not good. They have been very good, and two of them (a Gunsite Commander which came from the CCS and my CCU CCO) have been great pistols, very near equal to DW in quality and better in accuracy.

    People mention DW. I have had 3 DWs, one of which was a custom Silverback (the other two were a Valor and a Heritage). They are really good pistols but not great. I would echo what has been said about STI. I would take a STI over a DW every time.

    You are open to something around $2K? Look at Les Baer. Find a used Alchemy Custom Weaponry 1911, and you will be hard pressed to ever see a reason to spend more.
    Wow. You have a nice collection. I am actually thinking about a Springer railed Pro. Darn they are pricey though at 3400 Hundy
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    Quote Originally Posted by indianalex01 View Post
    I highly recommend the Colt CQBP M45A1. The regular blue case version is about on par with a TRP. The custom shop version is closer to the Professional model. Blue case M45A1 is a line built Gun just like the springer TRP.
    Mine is in a blue case but has the CCS 7 stamped under the grip frame. A call to Colt verified that the initial green boxed CQB's were from CCS but later blue boxed versions are a mixture. I have no idea why some would be and some wouldn't be CCS.
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