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Thread: Argh...I broke my DBAL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Miller View Post
    I don't understand why they say to contact the laser manufacturer for an aftermarket plug being tight.

    As part of the description for the TAPS Sync, they advertise that they intentionally made it tighter than the factory plug. If tighter is too tight, why are they putting the burden on Steiner to address this?

    I have a TAPS Sync as well, and it's definitely tighter.

    intentionally tighter so that they don't come loose under recoil
    Yeah, I don't get it either...

    I'm considering chopping off Unity's plug and grafting on one from the Steiner Y-cable included with the DBAL. It might pop out here and there, but at least I'll be able to use the switch without fear of busting the laser again.

    The Surefire plug is retarded-tight as well, but at least those endcaps are fairly cheap all things considered.

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    Yeah, just another comment for the record, I have a dbal and put the Surefire DS-SR07-D-IT switch on it. Works great, but that plug in the dbal is not coming out no-way, no-how. Figure I don't need it out right this second and will try a shim if I need to get it as discussed in this thread.

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