Our 2 hour handgun skill builders have been very popular the last few years. Covid slowed things down a bit, but they are picking up steam again & trainers across the country have started to follow the path of providing 2-3 hour skill builders and 1 day vs. 2 day classes, to deal with ammo availability & prices. Our 2 skill builders allow you to train while conserving ammunition. The next 3 are:
January 14th 7PM - 9PM (THE RISE WEBSITE HAS THE 8th LISTED, choose this date, but it is the 14th)
February 2nd 7PM- 9PM
March 3rd 7PM-9PM

Register on the RISE website, by clicking the calendar page and selecting the Stretz Tactical Skill Builder: https://www.rocklandindoorshooting.c...ls-and-drills/