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Thread: Anyone using fitness trackers like Fitbit?

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    I have been using Garmin for quite a long time, at the moment it is the most relevant and best choice for you! Try it
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    I appreciate everyone's input. I have not purchased anything yet and had put it on the back burner for the moment. My office situation has changed within the last two weeks and I may be picking this back up. Previously I was out of the house by 6:30am and home around 5pm. Usually on the treadmill around 6pm for 30-60 min depending on life that day.

    However, I will now be working from home, unless my boss decides to look for an office (which I doubt and hope not). Everything is just so much more convenient. I can exercise early morning without having to factor in the shower and drive. Or evening....where I save 40 min drive. I just have to get my office situated. This was a last minute thing. Found out last Monday and took a week to move everything after work. This is the first week I'm working from home and im still mostly operating out of boxes and getting into a flow

    In the meantime using the treadmill every day and while it's an uphill climb the weight is slloooowlllyyy going down. About 15lbs since Nov 11 but realistically since Jan 16th

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    Garmin Instinct watch would be good for you. I have the tactical edition (ooo tacticool!) but I doubt the instinct is much different.

    It does have an app for the smart phone but that is where you create an account and enter biometric data.

    I used the manual but had better luck using Youtube for turorials when I wanted to adjust a setting or access a feature.

    It will track steps and during the selected exercise app it will count calories. Im very happy with the biking app it shows time/distance heart rate and speed which is a neat feature. Speed/heartrate tells me if Im slacking or if I am still getting a good workout.

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