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Thread: Padding for your LBE / LBV or other gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickman View Post
    Thanks, I tried to make it so people could just look at the pics and ignore the words.
    Well I am certainly guilty of that too. It is nice when people take the time to type up a thoughtful presentation. I myself am far from a wordsmith...
    As to your other comment about knowing how to add some stitches. No everyone needs to be a seamstress but having the basic knowledge sewing is a good idea. Think Home Economics was the best class I took in HS. Between sewing and cooking feel that was quite important to learn as a kid.

    Not that everyone wants to go sewing up and modifying their new equipment but some of this stuff is quite expensive. If you can make helpful modifications such as you have or repairs to extend life that is very handy. Not that I have any hard use Tac type gear... but back when I used to ride/race dirtbikes I would often need to patch up or modify some of my gear in the high wear areas. Hell, I even had a Dr cut a shirt off me when i broke my collar bone up the seam so that I could sew it back together. THink i may still have that shirt in the basement.

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    Gaffers tape.
    Nothing compares. Whatsoever. 97% solution to 98% of situations.
    Great thread.

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