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Thread: Applied ballistics app

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    Applied ballistics app

    I asked over in snipers hide, but had no joy in answering my problem, maybe someone here can help.

    I have ab, and I canít seem to load my data in correctly to get a decent result. I used their paid for drag models in 77gr smk and 175gr smk. Using a magnetospeed v3 I got my velocities, the 175s were es of 8 sd 3.4 over 10 shots.
    I enter all my data, temp elev, humidity, alt, velocity into ab for the bullet profile. I click for solution and itís saying my mv is over 200fps higher at the muzzle. it was 84f when I did my zero, and now itís 19f.
    The real problem though is with the 77smk data for my ar. Itís saying my velocity at the muzzle is 483 at 19f over the magnetospeed on the same day it was 2280 (ar pistol). Data is entered the same.
    What am I doing wrong for it to be giving such wrong info especially for the 77s?

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    The precision forum is probably a better place to get an answer on ballistics apps.

    Altitude, humidity, and temperature are needed to calculate the air density. Because different powders are more or less sensitive to temperature I donít see any way an app could calculate that, itís something I would expect you need to work up in your log book.

    Beyond that I didnít really understand what you are having difficulty with, you may need to rewrite the questions to get a better response.


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