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Thread: Ranges and Good Gun Shops in NW Indiana

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    Ranges and Good Gun Shops in NW Indiana

    Got a buddy in Crowne Point Indiana area that is coming from Illinoistan and is looking for a good range to belong to and gun store. Any suggestions? Is there a good AR gun store That stock, or usually stocks, ARs or lowers? Who has the lowest transfer fees if we need to go online to get stuff?

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    Sorry, didn’t see this until now.

    If he’s in Crown Point, he’s pretty close to the nicest indoor range around - Point Blank in Merrillville. I live in Highland, so that’s about a 25 min drive for me; should be 5-15 for him. If he gets a membership, he can reserve times, etc. Not a bad deal.
    Also, there is Deb’s in Hammond. In a basement, looks like it is 60 years old, pistol/22 only. Usually very busy in my experience. 8 min from me, I usually don’t even try.

    Point Blank also has a gun store. However, I like Blythe’s in Griffith (and Valparaiso) and South County Guns in Schererville. South County is my Class 3 dealer. Cabela’s in Hammond isn’t bad, and they have been getting some ammo restocks occasionally. If he wants celebrity Military Arms Channel’s very own Copper Custom is in Valparaiso; I’ve never been there, but they look to stock a lot according to YouTube.

    If he is looking for cheap non-Class 3 transfers, I have a guy in Highland (very close to highway) that does them for $15. He works odd hours, but I’m never in a hurry so it works fine. We usually meet on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
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    Check out Copper Custom in Valparaiso. Best range/gun club is the North Porter County Conservation Club


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