Hardwired Tactical Shooting will be offering a one-day special class devoted to problem solving and discretionary high accountability shooting. This class will be extremely low round count and will be heavily focused on when not to shoot. Use of Force problem solving and gun handling will be a far bigger focus than shooting. We plan on putting students through various drills and scenarios to challenge them on thinking while using a firearm in a lethal force encounter. To keep round counts low, much of the class will involve students being put through drills and scenarios with fellow students watching and providing critiques and input.

This will allow for a lot of time to be dedicated to identifying specific problems we see in lethal force level confrontations and options for effectively handling those situations in a moral, legal and ethical manner.

This class will also focus on both proper escalation as well as de-escalation and appropriate application of force or lethal force and the critical differences between the two.

Round count under 200 rounds. Cost is only $165.

Registration is through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/high-ac...s-141524761371

Note from SeriousStudent. If all you have is a .22 and ammo, bring it. This class is all about thinking. I talked to Wayne and Darryl, and they are good with someone running a rimfire pistol if that is all they have.

And the price for this class is a steal, frankly.