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Thread: carbon fiber stock ruggedness

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    carbon fiber stock ruggedness

    Im still looking around at the different bolt guns per my other thread. Several of the options Im looking at have carbon fiber stocks vs the fiberglass type stocks of the McMillan and Manners. I know both of those companies also make carbon fiber stocks.

    How is the ruggedness of the carbon fiber stocks, say AG Composite stocks, compared the more traditional stocks from McMillan etc..? Im not going to be crawling around the mountains of Afghanistan with the rifle but I dont want to buy a weaker stock just because it's a cool material.
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    I’m not a materials science guy, but I can observe that in applications that demand high strength and minimal weight for a component carbon fiber is regularly used and fiberglass is not. For example auto racing, when was the last time you heard of a race car with a fiberglass body, wheels, body work, or anything else for that matter that was structural or under any kind of load? The answer is you haven’t. Same for aerospace industry parts.

    Now apply the same filter and plug in carbon fiber, and all sorts of stuff is being made from carbon fiber and used where a part needs to be light and strong.

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    CF is very strong. I wouldn’t think twice about it.

    If you’ve ever talked to Tom Manners of Manner Composite Stocks, you’ll know that he’d never use the material if it wasn’t up to the task.

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    Not sure if you've seen this yet? Just information to gather and decide upon. Do a "custom" Impact 737r w/ Bartlein Carbon Fiber and the below chassis?

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    I have a buddy that builds high end race cars. I asked him this question a few years back about CF strength and durability. His reply was when CF is done "correctly" and extreme heat is not an issue there is no substitute for its weight. At the time we were discussing CF AR rails. When not done correctly he said it can be garbage. How you figure that out for a given product I have no idea.
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