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Thread: Ammunition Prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironman8 View Post
    You also have to factor in any Mil/LE orders that take priority and IF anything new comes in from those .gov groups due to a new war or whatever, they will jump the line.
    SlowJoe's TRYING to start one in Syria! Or his handlers are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uni-Vibe View Post
    For what it's worth, I've been watching the price of the Smith Sport II AR on Grabagun. I admit that it's too small a sample to be significant, but they were at $949 a while, and apparently selling. they bumped it up to $999, but only briefly, because the brought it back down. Now it's $899 which it hasn't been in a while. So we may be passing a peak of some sort. Maybe.
    Uni, I no longer see gun prices being held up like during the covid/riot period. They have stabilized in these parts. It's the ammo that continues to suck arse.

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    The not so simple economic fact missing in this discussion is inflation. The fed has printed more money past couple years than most can comprehend. A dollar in 2021 won’t buy anywhere close to what it would in 2018. Just look at the price of things like lumber and food and stocks. My 401k went up 49% last year when businesses were getting shut down and unemployment was double digits and travel was almost at a standstill. Why? Because of an economic boom? No. Because it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of stuff.

    The panic is purely political. If biden doesn’t do anything stupid the panic will go away. However ammo won’t go back to what you think it should because of inflation. It will take an enormous glut of supply and lack of demand to drive prices down to those 2018 levels. Once the supply is back to normal, expect pricing to reflect inflation. My guess is a case of prvi m193 that was $300 will be at least $400 in the “normal” future.

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