Many people consider low-light/no-light firearm training to be advanced in nature. This is often due to the lack of available low-light courses and/or facilities which will accommodate such training. Being able to effectively utilize your weapon system(s) in low-light conditions is an often overlooked necessity.

This 2 day course will focus on light discipline, target identification and discrimination techniques, weapon malfunctions and manipulations in low-light, use of light with regard to barricades, low-light movement skills, overcoming photonic barriers and proper use of handheld devices with both weapon systems.

This course will begin each day during daylight hours to ensure manipulation and illumination techniques are sound, before progressing into low-light training after sunset.

***This is not a beginner level course. Students must have a satisfactory/intermediate level of safe weapon handling skills.***

Class training will take place at Double Tapp Range located at 14010 E Double Tapp Lane, Boise, ID 83716. 6pm to midnight both days.

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- Handheld light (for administrative purposes/searching techniques)
- Pistol chambered in 9mm or larger
- Pistol weapon mounted light (optional but recommended)
- Holster (must allow for single handed reholstering)
- 3 pistol magazines and magazine pouch
- 250 rounds pistol ammunition
- Carbine WITH sling (single or two-point)
- 3 carbine magazines and magazine pouch
- Carbine mounted weapon light (REQUIRED)
- 300 rounds carbine ammunition (NO penetrator/green tip ammo)
- Weather appropriate clothing (we shoot rain or shine)
- Eye and ear protection (to include clear eye protection for low-light training)
- Personal food and hydration items
- Weapon lube/kit
- Spare batteries for lighting systems
- State or government issued ID


***Round count 300 rifle/250 pistol***

***NO REFUNDS unless course is cancelled by Combat Absolute***