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This. And there is no way you could make this design with traditional machining (coming from a licensed mechanical engineer and hobbyist machinist who has made two Form 1 cans already).

There are lots of things that are 3D printed that could just as easily be traditionally machined, and I agree that is a stupid use of additive manufacturing. TDS cans are NOT that.
Not only can it be made with traditional machining (we're talking manual lathe here), it can be made with off the shelf components. Will it require welding and or threads? Yes. Is that an actual downside? Heck no! By using a titanium tube and baffles (save for the blast baffle), you would likely get it down to 6oz for that same size, or be able to step up to 1.5" for about the same weight. The reason it's so light is the diameter is tiny, and you shed a ton of weight doing that, at the expense of volume of course.