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Thread: Do you have a favorite make/model of binoculars?

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    I have the same Binos that my grandfather used in Korea during the Korean war.

    Other than that I have cheap stuff. I really do need to find a better set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buncheong View Post
    Any feedback on Steiner’s warranty support? In years past I’d heard they weren’t very customer-friendly when it came to repairing/replacing scopes ... hoping things have changed since then.
    I can't speak to customer / warranty support from Steiner. I've only had their products twice. The first was your typical old full sized military 10 power ones that I hardly ever used because of their size, so I sold them off. The second, however, is a compact (somewhat) set of 8x30. (also the military/marine) Had them for probably 12 or 15 years, and they've been outstanding. They get banged around a lot too. In fact, their rep for being tough was why I got them. Their field of view is good, everything seems crystal clear, good adjustability, I don't get fatigued using them... but the main thing on them is that I NEVER HAD TO send them in for any warranty claims. At least not yet. I look at them kinda the same way I do my Aimpoint Comp M4s. They're kinda bulky, and old school, but built like a tank. I love companies that stand behind their products, but when things go bad, those companies may no longer exist... and I'd MUCH rather have a product that doesn't break, vs one they'd fix when it does. For the $300 or so they cost me, they were a good purchase.

    My other set of binos is also a compact ones. I tend to like the more compact ones. I'd rather have a set on me, than in my pack. In fact, the above Steiners ride in the big pouch on my Haley Strategic D3CR-H Chest Rig as if it were made for them. Anyway, my other set is also compact, the Swarovski 8x30. They're every bit as clear as the steiners (maybe even a bit better) but they have funky eye caps that I've never fully been hip on, that go out on the sides as if these were some kind of night vision. You still have to hold them the same distance from your face as a regular set of binos though... Also, they just don't seem to be made as heavy duty, so I've kept them in a more protected role as my car binos. Not saying they're less rugged... just seems that when you handle them you find yourself wanting to be a bit more careful with them. At least I do. Also (and this is big when it comes to user friendliness) the eye caps on the objective lenses are hinged with rubber that's too strong, or has taken a set. When I flip them off to use, the caps will hold themselves up in the view of the lenses. I have to fold them down, and hold them against the body of the binos. It's stupid, uncomfortable, and awkward... and can really slow you down when you're trying to get them out, and in operation to quickly see what that was that just caught your attention way the hell over there. The Steiner system that rotates, and hangs from the center just is much more user friendly.

    I'd still like to have your budget though, just to see what's out there in that price range.
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